Monday, October 29, 2012

this presidents show.

Time: 2:20a

 (we have been looking at a house that we'd like to purchase and oddly enough it does have a couple rooms with paneling. one evening he says in his sleep...)

- - -

they sure have a lot of paneling.

Who?, I say.

this presidents show.

(this totally cracked me up because usually i do NOT ask him questions. it always wakes him up, but his first comment was so odd, that i thought why not ask who? lol i didn't expect his response to be this presidents show.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012


jeff has a little brother named mark. he's about 13 months younger than jeff, he's a grown man of 42 now. in our first year of marriage, jeff would call out, yelling at mark. it was probably the funniest thing because even now he will yell at him. once he told him he would punch him if he didn't put the dishes away. sometimes, he gets so worked up over whatever mark is doing in his dream, that he will yell, "mark! cut that out!" and just the volume of his own voice will wake him up. it's hilarious.

i wish there were more mark episodes but i haven't heard him in a year or two. maybe they've finally learned to get along. :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


time was around 1a...

he must have been playing some sort of game in his sleep because he said (and kinda loudly too),

"who wants to be the volunteer?"

lol he cracks me up even when he's not awake.

and then about ten minutes later he said:

"they can sit over on that shirt" and "yesterday climbed."

i don't know what either means. he also said something about "the piñata" but it didn't make sense.


he fell asleep a little early because his day was so long, and i was watching a dateline episode (my obsession) and he began to snore. i couldn't hear the tv so i quietly said... 

"honey you're snoring. turn over"

hubby: don't tell me how to live my life.

and then said: "did you know their son? He was smelling the eggs."

and about ten minutes after that he said, "I think they live in the hood".

(I laughed out loud twice)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


he was asleep and it was around 2a and he says...

"where is their mule?" and

"give me your black foot."

(i have no clue, it was just so random)