Sunday, February 27, 2011

in the beginning...

i've been married almost eighteen years to my best friend. on the first night of my honeymoon it started. the talking. in his sleep. from my darling new husband.

the first thing he said (that i heard, anyway, remember it was our first night as a married couple)...

"remember to put the new tires in the freezer."

and i asked him about the tires and he began to wake up, and that's when i realized that i can't talk. i just need to listen (which is rare people). he often yells at his younger brother while he's sleeping (although his younger brother is now a grown man) lol. he has talked about having long hair, rotten shoes, missing many things.

here we are all these years later and he continues to make me laugh... all day but all night long {or until i fall asleep}.

so when i began posting on facebook just some of the things he was saying in the middle of the night, friends asked me to create a blog about it. so here it is.

so check back often. i'll continue to post the stuff he says while he was sleeping.


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